Energetic Easter Egg Hunt

The school holidays have gone so fast, I go back on Wednesday and it suddenly seems a good idea to do my homework. (Tip: Don’t leave it all until last minute.)

My holiday has mainly consisted of lazing about and seeing friends and family. Yesterday we had my cousins round and they are all quite young so we did an Easter Egg hunt (one of the benefits of having little cousins) in the garden. It seems whenever my cousins are round I find myself having to pause for breath a lot (seriously, do little kids ever just stop?) and as much as I love them, I did find myself feeling relieved as I collapsed into my bed after they had gone. It makes me wonder if I was like that as a child, is it all little kids or just some? I feel you have a lot more energy as a child and have to let it out, whereas when you get older you feel less need to be constantly on the go. As (the very wise) Miranda once said, “Running is wrong unless professionally or as a child. As an adult you should only run if you’re near a train station and look at your watch first.” I definitely agree with this principle.

Comiat (for any Catalan readers)



Last weekend I went to stay in a cottage in Derbyshire with two other families who we knew from where we used to live. It is sort of a tradition for us to go to Derbyshire together each year. This year we went to a house which we stayed in a couple of years back. It is really nice and big with 5 floors! These include a cellar which was a games room and had a massive snooker table and ping pong table in it. My friend Elisa and I were sharing a room and there was a bathroom right next to us with a humungous bath in.

On Saturday we went to Alton Towers whilst the adults went for a walk (yawn). All of the other kids went to the theme park but as I am so small (really?) there weren’t many rides I could have gone on so me and Elisa went to the water park. It seems I am actually growing (woah) because this time I could go on the big slide. Elisa and I went in a double ring and even after our desperate efforts to look nice for the photo at the end, it didn’t succeed so we had to settle for a hideous  average one. We did spend a lot of time going into the outside pool then running (call me Dauntless) into the hot tub to get the full heat. The rapids were fun although we did notice that as we really struggled to get out of them (we were hanging on to the walls using our full strength to pull ourselves out but kept getting dragged back in) everyone else seemed to just stroll out.

Sunday we spent around the house and going on the quest of the cola moams (don’t even ask). On Monday we had to be out of the house at 10 so on the way home we went to the cinema. There we watched Divergent (aaaahhhhh) which was ahmazing! Me and Elisa had both read the books (read them) and we are massive fans (read them yet?). The film was really good but they missed out loads of stuff – I guess you can’t fit the whole book into 2 hours. I don’t really want to spoil the film but I strongly recommend it.

Ardievas (I’ll leave you the challenge of working out what language it is)

Room Tour (sort of)

So as promised here are some pictures of my room- a room tour if you will.

Desk and bookshelf

My desk and bookshelf

My desk and bookshelf are both from Ikea. I really like my desk because it has lots of space and has a magnetic board which as you can see I have used to display pictures. My bookshelf is quite big because I used to have a LOT of books, however I seem to have narrowed it down (moved most of them downstairs-oops). Now I just have the top shelf for books and the rest for random stuff such as my cornet books. At one point I did want to get rid of my bookshelf to create more space but mum persuaded me to keep it as it will be useful for GCSE textbooks etc.


My Desk

Side desk

Desk shelf

I have quite a few ornaments/decorations on my desk including my fairy lights. Being the bargain hunter I am (not), the friends sign was only 50p from Dunelm Mill and most of the other stuff I have acquired over the years – mainly gifts. I couldn’t resist putting some fairy lights up, it makes the room nice and cosy.



Curtains and Buntings

My bunting and curtains

I found some old bunting left over from the jubilee so I thought I’d put it up in my room as it goes with the whole vintage/shabby chic theme.


My bed

My bed is from Ikea (starting to see a theme?) it is from the children section but I do like it so I don’t mind. It makes sense for me to have a children’s bed because a normal sized one would be unnecessarily big and just take up more space. I recently got a new duvet cover from Dunelm Mill (also a favourite) which is mainly floral and frilly. Next to my bed I have my bedside table on which I mainly keep my doc, tissues and a book (yes my book is mahoosive- that’s Harry Potter for you).


My wardrobe and chest of drawers

Both my wardrobe and chest of drawers are new. I won’t go on too much about them because I did say a bit about them in one of my recent posts, but I have sort of made my chest of drawers into a dressing table as well. My mirror was from TK Maxx in the sale (bingo) and the china pot was from a charity shop. I find charity shops are great for finding little bits and bobs. I also have a make up holder which you can’t see as well because it is transparent but it has been really useful because it has different sections. It is a really good way of storing make up because it allows you to see everything, I got it from Amazon pretty cheap.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my room and maybe I even gave you a few ideas!

Zbogom (Bosnian-seems to have become tradition)

Strike, Shopping and Subway

Today I had the day off school because there was a strike. My friends Erin and Darcey came round in the morning then we went into town.



Erin, Darcey and me


The first place we went was Newlook and I bought a top which I really liked and it fit nicely. We then also went into Topshop and I bought a scrunchie which is white with black polka dots.

For lunch we went into Subway and I had a tuna melt (it was delicious). After popping into numerous other shops we headed to Darcey’s house and chilled in her room.

Tomorrow at school we have a Careers Day so I won’t have normal lessons but workshops and taster lessons. We will get given our choices form and that will have to be in next week (help!).

Farvel! (That is Danish for goodbye- get me with my language skills).


Furniture and Crazy Dog Owners

My goal for this weekend was to put a blog post up by the end so I’d say I’ve succeeded.

This weekend has been rather boring as I have mainly been doing homework. However, I managed to sell my old rug which I was very pleased about. The lady who bought said she bought it for her dog to lie on… I don’t quite understand why you would pay £20 for a rug for a dog but hey ho. The reason I was selling my rug was because recently I have sort of re done my room (I got a new wardrobe and chest of drawers) and the rug which was red didn’t really go any more. My chest of drawers are children ones because it made sense really otherwise I couldn’t reach them but they don’t look childish (apart from the height). My wardrobe is full sized  which does mean it has a lot of room at the top which I can’t reach but that’s fine because mum can just put bedding and stuff up there. I have my hanging pole thing at the right height to me though thanks to Ikea’s system where you can choose what goes where (praise Ikea). I was really pleased to get new furniture as my old wardrobe was a toddlers wardrobe and had very annoying doors.

I might upload some pictures of my room at some point as I have talked about it so much.

Totsiens (which is goodbye in Afrikaan- thanks google translate)

Medical, Music and Me

I know I haven’t blogged in a while but I thought I would give you a quick update on my life!

Medical stuff:

In December I had two more eight plates put in, one more in each leg. I was only in hospital for one night, so it wasn’t too bad and I was only in a wheelchair for a week. My doctor has also mentioned possible future surgery on my hips as they are not straight. On another medical note, I have been going to the Orthodontist and in December I am starting my treatment (eventually fixed braces).

Musical stuff:

I am currently in my second year of a county music group (we have a concert tomorrow, and I have a solo… AGRH!). On 1st April I will be taking my grade 5 cornet exam and I’m very nervous. This evening I participated in the Regional Festival with my school Concert Band. 


I’m now in year 9 so I will be choosing my options for my GCSEs very soon! We have a careers day coming up where we will be having taster sessions of jobs and lessons. I am still enjoying secondary school and I love spending time with my friends.

I hope to blog more often and keep you updated about my life.

(Un)happy Snowing!

Nice of you to join!

I just thought I would inform you that I have an account on wattpad and am slowly writing a book on it (not going so well). I thought it would be fun, so if you have an account my book is called Broken Promises and my user name is bella_smith_21 .

Anyway, moving on to a very common British conversation topic. Weather. I was very unimpressed that it snowed and did not go out in it. Call me miserable but I personally think winter should be one lot of snow at Christmas, then you can move on to summer. However, I decided to make the most of the situation and hope for the day off school. That did not happen.

I wonder if anyone in Scotland is laughing at me saying ‘ha, we had the day off school’. If they are then my response is ‘at least I am not up to my neck in snow’ yes, a very witty comeback I know.

But if you are literally up to your neck in snow and reading this then I seriously suggest you stop looking at your device (whatever it is) and concentrate on getting out of the snow. Maybe try pushing really hard.

(Un)Happy Snowing 🙂